Allied Media Conference reportback by Allie Pates

July 14, 2008 femalesunited

This year I went to this thing called the Allied Media Conference in Detroit. I think that this was a really good experience to have. At the conference we went to different workshops and concerts. I went to this one work shop that shows how you can use Google maps to connect with other groups that do what we do. Also I went to a workshop on how to do stenciling and other graffiti art to raise awareness on what you do. That night we went to a concert and it was good. I met a lot of people. I participated in an interview with this guy from Youth Noise Network in Durham N.C.  He talked about hair and how your hair affects the way people look at you and what they think of you. He also asked, “Is how you do your hair based on what other people think of you or is it based on your family or anything like that?”  He was doing this because he was with this group that has a youth-run radio show and regular broadcasts on things that pertain to social justice. We went to a concert that had all these hip-hop artists. One of them was this chick named Invincible. She was cool. I liked her. She was a rapper. We heard this lady Grace Lee Boggs speak who is an activist that is 93 and she has done all this social justice work. I thought that this conference was a good experience to have and I’m glad that I went.


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