“Problems caused when mistakes gone unnoticed”

August 4, 2008 femalesunited

You see a lady in the store she has a rag on her head she stinks and she’s dirty. For one you think ewwwwwww that lady needs a bath. For two your thinking she needs some new clothes. So the lady steals some groceries and runs but the cops are hot on her tail. So she gets caught and locked up. Because of a problem that led to a mistake that no one wanted to help fix.

There’s an 18 year old girl her mom just put her out of the house and onto the street. She’s contemplating about where she should go her other family has no room for her. So finally she checks out an shelter they have plenty of room. One night she gets to be very hungry, she missed dinner and has no money to get food. So she sees an lady at an cash machine and  thoughts cross her mind. “Should i rob this lady”? or should i go hungry. Her rumbling stomach tells her to rob the lady so it can eat. She slowly walks up behind the lady contemplating on how shes going to do it. She puts her arm around the ladies neck and tells her “Give me all you got old lady”. The lady gives her the money she then takes off running as the lady screams and calls the police. Unluckily for her a police officer is around the corner she just ran into. He chases her down the block she sees she’s defeated and throws her hands up. The cop reads her, her rights and hand cuffs her. All she could think was she didnt want to rob the lady but she was just so hungry that her stomach got the best of her. Now shes going to jail because she did what she felt she needed to do in order to survive. 

Its not fair for people to be going to jail for crimes they commited when they were only trying to survive. Their are more people in jail than people occupying a job. If they would have more services for the homeless and people with no money. People would‘nt have to rob people or steal from stores if they felt they had help somewhere.   


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