Summer activities of FUFA

October 4, 2008 femalesunited

The activities of FUFA this past summer were the experiences one could take a lot from.  During Conscious Crafts, we  were able to speak our minds and build trust in one another.  the activities in Conscious Crafts were Bookmaking, stencils, silk screening, henna, knitting (taught by Allie), scratch board, and a collage of self-love letters.   

“Also during Action Team, we have had very significant discussions about media representations of people of color while watching Spike Lee’s “Bamboozled”.   We watched “No! The Rape Documentary” with a powerful, healing conversation around sexual violence and body image. Ace and Hilda of Chicago Freedom School facilitated a workshop on Adultism. We had a workshop for young women and trans people of color about how we survive living in a racist society, and the next day we went to a rally and march in response to the ICE detentions. Over two sessions we worked on a zine on “Understanding sexism and transphobia”. It is almost complete. Mary Scott Boria facilitated a workshop for us on connections between the anti-violence movement and the prison abolition movement, sharing important stories about Chicago people’s history.

FUFA interns Allie and Shana worked on the database, filing and organizing the office, printing t-shirts, assembling materials for workshops, and writing in our blog on Allie also wrote a very successful fundraising appeal letter for the Critical Resistance FUFA delegation bringing in $605. She just wrote her first grant ever. She requested $500 from the Pay It Forward Foundation to conduct a workshop for young women of color called “UnChain Letter”. A copy of her grant application is below.  I want to personally thank Manju for all these excerpts, they were of great help. 

I have gained so much from attending FUFA meetings.  Not only have I gained new friends, but a new concept of life.  It has helped me further in thinking outside of the box and to put myself in the shoes of others.  During the workshops, I have been able to look deeper within myself to see the person I am and could be.  FUFA brings out nothing but the positive in people.  Having seen that, I felt compelled to join.  Xia Xiang Williams….yes I put you out there Xia….lol, was the one who introduced me to FUFA in the first place, along with plenty of other things since I have met her.  I thank her for that as well.  FUFA will have even bigger plans in the Fall and will follow through with them.  Hopefully, they will gain more support from women, not just in Chicago, but everywhere else.

by Marilyn Udeani 




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