The spreading of hatred

October 4, 2008 femalesunited

 I just had to blog about this because this has been getting under my skin for quite some time. FOX News has been sending hateful messages and poisoning the minds of its very simple viewers. Yes, I called those of you who watch FOX News and actually take what they say and how they deliver news seriously very simple! I was disgusted with how they portrayed Barrack Obama and his wife, Michelle. They portrayed him damn near like a Muslim terrorist! These people have the nerve to wonder if our country is safe!!!! If it is not safe, it is due to the hatred and propaganda they are spreading. I’m personally worried and more scared of them than I am a “terrorist”. They way they portray people of color in general is wrong and they know that!!! What is shameful is that they don’t even care!!

It surprises me that garbage like this is allowed on the air. I’m for free speech and all, but if the speech is going to have an affect on the way people are going to act, I think there is something that needs to be done to stop it. As for the terrorist fist-jab, what genius came up with the idea that that was Michelle Obama’s sign of a terrorist attack? I mean…are they serious with this. That fist-jab is something African-Americans have been doing for years to show a sign of love and respect. Leave it to FOX News to blow something like that out of proportion!!!

Also, leave it up to Mr. O’Reily to make such racist remarks. If the lynching comment was not extreme, ?I don’t know what the hell it is!!!! It does not surprise me that he is not off the air!! He is one in and out the closet racist and bigot.

As for the uncle toms who support this garbage, don’t get me started on them!! Look in the mirror and remind yourselves that you are also black, for goodness sake. They suck up the the Caucasians and give them BJ’s like it is no one’s business! Little do they care to realize that they are among those they portray in a negative manner. Not to mention that those you cater to don’t give a hoot about you, your well-being, or your family. They are laughing at you and are saying to themselves “mission accomplished….once again we have gotten someone to go against their own and join us.” Stuff like this makes me soooo irate. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!!! FOX NEWS IS FEEDING YOUR MINDS POISON!!!!

by Marilyn Udeani


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