In One Common Place: The FUFA Review of CR-10

October 27, 2008 femalesunited

Coming to a place in solidarity, in unity

In the mindset of an open opportunity

To freely talk about ourselves and the rapid police brutality

And how to stop relying on them but ourselves as a community


Walking through those doors

different colors, different sizes

Different lifestyles, different backgrounds

But with the commonality of oppression

Which in everyone’s background lingers around


We sit and discuss

We sit and discuss

Every now and then the room will let out in a bug fuss

Various opinions of how we deal with the police

And there unjust use of force and brutality

Idea after idea

Gets thrown into the air

With care, we all bear, where each person comes from

Respect of the individual and there personal life’s song

We think and ponder on everyone reviews

But the same old problem gets renewed

The police uses there force and there rank to take extreme advantage of us people of color

The completely gay, the not so straight

And the people in our community labels us as “the other”


But that was just a glimpse and piece of what went on

The list of amazing and insightful discussions is a little too long

The reason why we all did decide to come together

Was to rise up and share ideas of the unjust and unfair mess

Of a scandal of Prison Industrial Complex

So many workshops

So many things to do

Here are a few FUFA decided to go to


Incite workshops that had us wondering what a community means to us

How defining violence and a persons role within a community is a must

How we need to start creating proactive long term strategies to dealing with violence

Not using police as the solution but our common sense and

The will to work side by side, under the terms ride or die

Yes if it was only one person it could make a movement

But a community can make a force

Thats where everyone steps in, take a role, and rise up as one in remorse

For the lost lives and the oppressive past

That shall come back and be brought to life and the future in which we are soon to act


Then there were workshops on spirituality and culture

How we need to start reconnecting with our ancestors and the old ways as a necessity for survival

In a world where oppressed people have

Been taught to hate themselves through assimilation

Which brings the revelation

That maybe, just maybe, there needs to be a timeout

Because we can get caught up in politics

But its the politics of this , that will educate us and provide us with the intellectual toold to fight the oppression

But will still need a lesson

To find a way to soothe and strengthen and soothe our spirit

To do things that will calm and help the people and ourself

Receiving a: Fighting the oppression: winners of the battle award merit

Because we are in majority

We have the power to rise up and defeat the minority

But we have to come together as one

To get done, to finish off, to start again a new cycle

A cycle that is not too bad, but not perfect

For perfection is never a realistic goal in this messed up world

Because there is always a fist curled

Is always lingering

Waiting to touch somebody in an unpleasant liking


But we can change these various complexes

As we work and put forth our best bets

Because a society that can work and live in unity

Will always see equality and prosperity


By: Ace Hilliard


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