To Err is Human, to Support Young Feminist Art is Sublime

December 19, 2008 femalesunited

Youth Challenge Gallery 37’s Censorship

WHAT: Females United For Action is rallying in front of Gallery 37 to support young feminist art. FUFA will show 17-year old Tomi Mick’s banned work in front of the art show with a petition to encourage Gallery 37 to accept thought-provoking pieces.

WHY: Gallery 37 is an important Chicago resource, but they have steered away from their goal of fostering young artists by censoring feminist art pieces by two young members of Females United For Action.

WHERE: Gallery 37, 56 E. Randolph, just off Michigan Avenue

WHEN: Friday, December 19, 2008 at 3-5pm

HOW: As part of Gallery 37’s Mixed Media class, 19-year old Xia Xiang made a piece last year of her birthing herself, modeled after Frida Kahlo’s ‘Rebirth’. In this year’s Gallery 37 Photography class, 17-year old Tomi Mick created a photo triptych of her, her mother’s, and her little sister’s chests. Both of them were told they couldn’t show their artwork at Gallery 37. Tomi Mick’s mother was actually told by the white photography teacher that the values of “conservative Hispanic parents” were the reason her piece couldn’t be shown after Tomi Mick had already sought and won approval for the piece. Teenagers from a Chicago organization called Females United For Action are displaying Tomi Mick’s censored work and inviting passers-by to sign a petition calling Gallery 37 to create a youth-positive policy.

WHO: Females United For Action (FUFA) is a Chicago-wide social change organization that fights violence against young women in innovative ways.

FUFA is best known for organizing a coalition of young women’s organizations across the city to take on La Ley 107.9 and successfully pressuring them to change the way they conduct their advertising. FUFA also created a popular photo exhibit, Alternative Windows, which showed positive images of young men and women that we do not see reflected in mainstream media.


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