“Lesbians are sexy”while Gays are just fags” Huh?

Two girls in a hot steamy tub kissing sound sexy huh? But what about two guys in a hot steamy tub kissing i see nothing wrong with that. But the media makes it appear as if suppose to be sexy for two females to be kisssing. While if there was two men kissing it would be considered a crime and unmanlylike. As a matter of fact as of now gay people can only get married in certain states. While within other states they have banned gays from joining in marriage. They are regular people just like everybody else. And they deserve to have the same rights as any other human being. The media needs stop putting out negative things about gay people. Bacause in reality lesbians and gays have one thing in common their both same sex relationships. So if you respect one you should respect the other. People should be able to be with whom ever they want to be with. Weither it be with the same sex or the oppisite sex. Without having to feel uncomfortable in public. Because people are talking about them or turning their faces up. If certain men want to be gay let them be gay. It should be about whatever makes them happy not what makes society happy. I belive our organization needs to speak up about gay rights. Fight for their rights to get married in a country who said america the free. Take it to a higher power get our message through their thick heads. And maybe, just maybe the media will slow down on discriminating gay people.


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