Have you ever heard the saying if a man sleeps with over 6 or more women, then he is considered a pimp? If a woman does the same thing she’s considered a whore. Or on clothes commercials they show women with less clothing, with the men giving their utmost attention, as if to show that if a woman is not in skimpy clothes she won’t get any attention. And that if a female likes to wear tight clothes she’s considered nasty or unladylike. All of these things and more are what the media are playing us women out to be. And I believe something definitely needs to be done about it. We have women who have eating disorders because the media says you should be a certain size. They make it seem like if you’re not a size 2 then you need to be on the treadmill. And they only put plus-size women on plus-size commercials, which is not right- they should be able to be on all commercials. Big, small, medium should all be accepted within society. Because all of it is beautiful so why should one out weigh the other one. And bigger women have to search hard to find clothes because they only go up to size 13 women shouldnt have to go to big women stores to get clothes.They should sell clothes in all sizes.  The media has people starving themselves, when there are people in other places who don’t even have food. Who wish they had food to eat everyday. It’s not right and the media needs to be stopped. In conclusion, I believe that as women we should gather together. And go to the board to stop these views about women.   So we should have a voice and voice our opinions about women’s rights. And that’s why we believe that the media portrays too many negative images about women.


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Welcome to our blog! Females United for Action (FUFA) is a youth-run coalition of young women leaders that educate ourselves and others on issues that affect girls. We organize, bring attention to important issues and take action to address them. The coalition is formed by girls from all over the city of Chicago from all backgrounds and nationalities, ranging from 12 years of age and up, and representing groups from different communities.

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